Here is a cover of a very popular band, Sepultura. I intend to make some others with different ways to saturate my voice, I hope to progress by that way. (and i look here some advices about my voice of about the mix too)

(you can download the full mix track by track and the full score (see description on the youtube video))

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Pretty sure all of these videos belong in the covers forum, man.

I thought that in the singer section i could have more feedback about my vocals "performances" .... :/
This has been posted in multiple forums, as was your other thread. This is not allowed and is classified as spam.

If you want singing advice then post an acapella, dry track so that your vocal performance can be assessed. The mix and effects can hide vocal flaws making it harder to give the appropriate feedback..

If you want to discuss your mix, effects, and recording technique this is not the forum for that.

If you want to share your cover, use the covers forum.

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