i have a LTD mh-400FR with a bad volume pot, im 40miles from closest supplier...are the tone and vol the same pots? if so ill just swap'um out....thanks
They're the same thing but wired differently to allow them to do different things.
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theire both pots yes buut tone pots are usually linear while volume are logarythim(i gave up spelling that word)

so if you swap them you might notice that the new"volume" pot doesnt do anythign til the end of the turn
also sometimes theire different values

you could try it theres no harm in it(unless you break something while doing the swap) but i recomend you get yourself new pots

or it could be that its just a loose wire or dirty pot in my expeirence pots are pretty stury peices and have never busted one
...cept that one time but i was havign fun with a blow torch
so try seeing if you can solder it back on first or clean it
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Yes if done properly they should be AUDIO TAPER pots used for audio applications; however the values may vary, but usually not. Anything besides an audio taper pot will have the illusion that it is doing nothing until you roll it all the way off and that's because the curve for the resistance is more like on or off whereas with audio taper pots the curve for resistance occurs across all of the motion of the pot. Technically any pot will work, its just how its going to work!
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