Dude, that was spot on. I listened to the master track and yours back to back and I have to say you nailed it! What equipment did you use?
Cool to know James Hetfield is on UG on the name of Demerda!
Mesa/Boogie Road King v1
Marshall JMP 2203 '78
Vox AC30 H2 Heritage HW
Fender Deluxe Reverb '65 RI
Gibson Les Paul Custom '57 Historic RI '05
Fender American Vintage '52 RI Telecaster '02
Fender American Vintage '62 RI Stratocaster '07
My chain is:
A regular guitar >> Rocktron Piranha (light distortion) >> Line6 UX2 >> VST AMP (distortion) >> Impulses

I recorded it using reaper, 4 tracks. 100% right, 80% right, 100% left, 80% left.

I'm glad you guys liked it. I think this is the best I can get out of this chain