Hello again

It's been a while since I posted anything in here so I'll be posting two at once.
I wrote these songs recently as part of a concept album between a guy pilot and a girl ace pilot falling in love in the battlefield but are torn apart by war, allegiance to their faction and clashing philosophies. Living the Dream is about the life of a soldier giving their lives for their nation, while The Destiny Engine is the final act of the story.

The song structures rather simple than those songs I've written in the past so It's more straightforward and less progressive, but there are still time changes here and there.

I also created a soundfont2 mix version for better listening experience. If you have one, I recommend the sf2 version. Thanks! Hope you'll like it!

The Destiny Engine EP:
1. Living the Dream - 8:26
2. The Destiny Engine - 18:18
I. Vivere, Aut Mori (Instrumental)
II. Love in the Battlefield
III. Parting Words
IV. The Destiny Engine
V. Everything
TDE EP.zip
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wow, this was intense man lol it was pretty long and repetitive, but id imagine there would be vocals over it, so i saw past it

living the dream: catchy, and cheesy in a good way. totally reminds me of dream theater. measure 185 also reminds me of tool lol which i love. sweet ass guitar solo right after, and sweet bass track

the destiny engine: not fond of 1-11, just kinda bland. 12-27 sounds pretty sweet. again, cheesy in a good way. but right after, on measure 32, its sort of the bad kind. a little too cheesy for me. riff after was okay, not too special. but the riff on measure 78 was pretty sweet. riff on 111 isnt very special and is too repetitive, but again, theres probably going to be vocals over it so it wouldnt be too bad. measure 191 is pretty cool. 303 cool prog groove, sweet ass solo at 344 and cool groove after. awesome bass line at 401, and another awesome solo at 433, and nice ending solo

all in all, it was pretty damn cheesy, which im guessing is your style. lots of parts were totally awesome, but it did repeat and drag on for an awfully long time. lol im surprised i actually went through all of this in one sitting

some return feedback on some of my posts would be greatly appreciated, seeing as how yours was almost 30 minutes total lol