Hi UGers, I'm looking to replace the current pickups on my Ibanez SR505 bass from the original Bartolini MK-1 active pickups. They just seem to lack any power on the A, D, and G strings. I gig and mainly play metal in Drop B and i'd love some more growl from the pickups, I am open to active or passive pickups.

So basically, what pickups would be good replacements for this model and have a strong even output across the strings?

Thanks in advance (y)
How on earth are the MK1s not giving you enough power? I have the MK1s in My SR756 and the MK2s in my BTB 676 and get plenty of bite from on my higher strings.

Please give your full rig rundown. How do you set your amp, what is your amp, Cabinets, how do you set the EQ on your bass, does your bass have the Mid switch, etc. I've had to turn my Bass EQs down because they were distorting my amp (SWR Workingman 4004). and still get a very crisp tone from my A-C strings.
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How long have you had a set of strings on your SR?
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