So I have little to no experience buying equipment as I've been using the same starter equipment for years (Namely a Squire Strat and Squire Amp) and have been wanting to get a new amp as the current one really lacks any sort of versatility.

I was wondering if anyone could suggest some good amps in that sense that aren't break-the-bank-expensive, new or used at that. My limit is $150 but if patience will come better I can try to work up $200

So far I've looked at the Peavey Vypyr VIP 1, Marshall MG15CFX, and Line 6 Spider IV (though the VIP seems better in comparison to that one)

I plan on going to guitar center to try out the amps later on this week, but I'd like to get an idea of what else to look at.

I usually play punk, grunge, and a little bit of blues. OCCASIONALLY I play metal.
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Assuming you want modelling as versatility is the only real requirement you noted in your post, I'd shoot for a Peavey Vypyr. Try to get one of the old series used. I don't know how the new VIPs compare, but you'd get a better deal on the old ones. Go to guitar center's used section you should be able to find one with a 12" speaker which is what you want ideally.
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Thank you for the replies guys, and those videos are extremely useful.

I see a couple of 1x12 vyprys for 150$ and less. Are there any particular defects I should be looking for that would be difficult to find?
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