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If you need to be learning an Oasis song on an instrument that you can't play to keep your girlfriend then you should save yourself the embarrassment because you've already lost this battle.
The fact that you're thinking of trying to save a relationship that's falling apart by playing Wonderwall means it's time to move on. Wonderwall is the song you learn to pick up drunk chicks when you're in highschool.
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I want to hear the long story that ends with "play me one of these two songs in a month's time or we're over"
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Thank you! You've given me hope.

I think it'd make it better because I'm quite shy when it comes to singing. I just want to show her that I am willing to humiliate myself for her.

And in case you all think my logic is flaw...I blame it on the fact that I'm a girl. So learning a song on the guitar and singing seems perfectly logical to me.

After all, all a girl really wants is a guy who humiliates himself.
Fair enough. Wonderwall may be tougher on guitar but is much easier to sing. Overall, I'd say it's the easier of the two. Learning to play it on guitar and learning to sing it is just half the battle though. The real challenge is doing them both simultaneously.
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I'm a girl too, so the dynamics play out differently. At least between us.

edit: and who knows? It might not sound half bad :/

Bad idea either way. Anyway, just be an adult. Learning a song isn't going to fix relationship problems.

EDIT: If whether or not you stay together is contingent on you learning a song, your relationship issues aren't fixed. How old are you?
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Wonderwall's easier to sing.

I like truly madly deepleh better.

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Momie's like not even a real person, just an asian, lesbian spirit.
What I've learned from this thread:

Lesbians find humility romantic.

Either way, good luck. Should be easy enough as long as you actually practice for the month, instead of over-analyzing what song to play & procrastinating on message boards.
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and in case you are wondering what is motivating me to do this, well, it is a long story. But my girlfriend might break up with me, and this can potentially up the chances of us staying together.

That's pretty stupid. If that is what is "saving" your relationship, your relationship is probably pretty bad and not even worth saving.
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Neither, if i'm gonna sing a song for my girl, it's gonna be Shame on a Nigga by Wu-Tang Clan.