thought the synth in the beginning was pretty random. the first riff was a pretty good opening, but the lead over it sounded goofy. maybe it's the MIDI.

i think the part with real potential starts at 0:48. i like the way the lead hangs over the riffs. not a whole lot going on, but if you used that as a bridge into other stuff it could be great.

btw, meatloaf, the title, the music...what's the link??

when you find the time:
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I like it. I agree with the dude above though that the intro is really ****ing random lol. Could be just a MIDI thing though, dunno what you're going for. The lead you need to explore more though, its very good specially over the chords you're playing. That's a solid hook for the song. The riffs in general are pretty good, lets see hwo this turns out in a big recording!

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