So I decided to take on the Gary Moore song Over the Hills and Far Away (made more famous by Nightwish). It was a hell of a process getting it all done and by the end I think I had around 50 separate tracks, so mixing it was quite the challenge. If anyone has some good advice on mixing it better (not "X is too quiet") I'd love to hear it.

C4C obviously

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December 14, 2017
Well I love the Nightwish version of this song, so I have high hopes. It's pretty cool overall. In terms of the mix, I would consider using more compression on the drums to make them sound more aggressive and using an EQ to cut out a lot of the frequencies in all the individual tracks. This way each instrument will take up less space in the mix and therefore will stand out more so you can hear everything more clearly. Anyway, it's pretty cool and I should note that the playing is extremely tight all the way through.