Ok so ive always liked using heavy strings i ,use 10-52 . The problem is i tune to drop d and guitar has a flyod . This being said my action is always high almost to point to where its uncomfortable. Its as low as it can go without buzzing too much on the upper frets. Ive gotten used to it but i still want it a lil lower atleast so its more comfortable to play . I tried puting another spring in my tremolo but i dont think it helped . Is there i can do ??? Oh and when i mean action i mean just the bridge height the nut and truss are already setup good.
If you are as low as it will go without buzzing, that's pretty much it. If you are sure the neck is adjusted properly, all you can do is lower the bridge. If it's so high it's uncomfortable, I would say your neck isn't correct or you have raised frets.

If the issue is the floyd getting pulled forward and raising the action, you will just have to add more springs or block it so it can't move.
Buzzing frets can be caused by a number of things, including a too-high nut for the action you want, a badly adjusted neck (truss rod), some frets that aren't level, and even technique that's too aggressive for the action you like. There's also the chance that the scale is a bit short for what you want to play and that the strings you're using are too floppy.

A good tech (note the "good" part) can sort this out for you.
It needs a set up, it's as simple as that. Is the base of the trem sitting level with the body? That's the first thing you need to get right or any other adjustment you make won't matter.