Ok so ive always liked using heavy strings i ,use 10-52 . The problem is i tune to drop d and guitar has a flyod . This being said my action is always high almost to point to where its uncomfortable. Its as low as it can go without buzzing too much on the upper frets. Ive gotten used to it but i still want it a lil lower atleast so its more comfortable to play . I tried puting another spring in my tremolo but i dont think it helped . Is there i can do ??? Oh and when i mean action i mean just the bridge height the nut and truss are already setup good.
You'll have to adjust the truss road and lower the whole trem.

If you don't know how to do it, take it into a shop. It's not something you want to do on your own because you might wreck your guitar. It doesn't cost much to get it set up.
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you can use a lighter gauge or you can arrange your springs in a more efficient way. ex: /|\ provides more tension than |||
If your action is too high, then my suggestion is to lower it.

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then lower it.

or take your guitar to a shop and have someone that is paid to fix these sort of issues look at it
I typically stay away from detuning anything with a floating bridge... just such a hassle to set the intonation and action. I wouldn't fiddle with your guitar if you aren't sure. Ask a friend who is knowledgeable about setup or you can have the local shop fix it for you.
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