Hi! I got some "spare parts" sitting around at home, and I was thinking about an experiment. I would I go about wiring just a single pickup, with no volume or tone control? Simply soldering it to the jack out? I wonder if there's any diagram around :-)
I don't think there's any other way to really do it, pickup hot to the jack hot and ground to ground and a ground to the bridge
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I have done that before. It sounded fine, but I did miss having a volume pot. More recently I did another guitar with two pickups, volume on the neck pickup....the bridge was wired direct. And a three way switch. This works great as I can use the neck with the volume down and then switch over to the screaming bridge pickup for leads. Works great.
It's doable and very simple, all you need to do is hook up the output wires of the pickup to the proper spots on the output jack of your guitar, if it is a four wire pickup you will need to tape two of the wires together and then solder it to the output.
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How to do it has already been explained but it should be mentioned that without any pots to load the signal down you will notice that the pickup is a bit louder and a lot brighter.