Right, so as some of you may know, I do a lot of solo songwriting.

We finally got round to making a song together (as a trio as we are still awaiting a drummer)

Would love to hear some thoughts on our first song.

If you like it, don't be afraid to give it a like on Soundcloud.

Thanks again guys!.

(Link below)


Typing as I listen:
Starts off nice and delicate and then those harmonies kill it! Very pleasing to the ear. Nice voice, the song has a sort of spacey indie rock vibe with a little surf tone, cool! The only thing I can really remark is that the drums (which I know are programmed) should have a bit more swing and shuffle to it on the double time parts. There's for sure a way to do it on what ever program you used, it would probably accompany the rhythm swing of the guitars and bass well Although if it's intentionally the way it is then NVM )

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Really enjoyed this. Like the last guy said, the vocal harmony sections are very nice (the passing guitar notes are a nice touch) as are the verses. I didn't care for the pre-chorus 'now that I'm high, i'm allright' bit. I felt it lost too much energy there and I didn't care for the lyric. The bridge section was cool as well. Overall a very good effort though!

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