hey all,

working on a solo project under the name The Milestones. I've put some songs together id like critique on. I'm a big devotee of the strokes so I hope you hear the influence.


You can listen to all the tracks but the ones I'd like feedback on are Rain Gorilla and Wishing Wells

leave a link, c4c
Rain Gorilla has some pretty cool chords. I can't understand anything the singer is saying though, and his low voice is getting lost in the mix, and he gets out of tune everytime he sings falling in love. It could be a pretty cool tune if it was polished up in general, and maybe some funkier drums got in there. The drums are also really hard to hear.
Wishing Wells has a really really really cool guitar intro. I like that a lot. The drums should have came in at the same time as the vocals(preferably with 16th notes on the hihats ala everlong). I could see this becoming a really really cool song, with the right attention to dynamics. Vocals are a lot stronger on this one. The multiple guitar tracks are definitely great. I think the song could go longer, repeating what you already had once more(perhaps with different lyrics), but save your outro for where the song would actually end. This song definitely has lots of potential though.
oh yeah, i forgot to mention some things. I wrote and recorded all the tracks by myself so thats me singing and on the guitars. I'm pretty new to vocals and need to go back and tighten those up. Just lazy that I haven't yet. In rain gorilla they do kinda get washed out, the distorteted drop c guitar takes a lot of the low end. And I 100% agree with you about the drums. Especially in Wishing Wells. They are going to be a prominent part of this project...a good drummer I know is gonna put some drum tracks on them. Its gonna be sweet. Actually, if your interested, here is him playing to Wishing Well during a jam. Its messy too, but imagine that drum part on top of that recording! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N5MCB0-KjlQ
zcurrently using drum machines. They are mostly just filler to help me keep time.

You actually gave me a good idea for wishing well. So all of these songs are just like the first couple iterations. I normally have them expanded. Wishing Well in particular, I essentially repeat the first 2 minutes with different lyrics, and then go into a chordal outro. Except it feels redundant after a while. I think adding in what is currently the outro to the very end(call them D) is a lot smarter. So it would go A-B-C A-B-C-D-E, E being the chordal outro that wasnt on the recording.

Thanks for the advice, much appreciated. Glad you liked it

Ill check out ur music and c4c
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