I guess this is the most approporiate forum for this. Anyways... When I listen to the pieces i like, I feel the pleasure, I find them cool, great and so on, but when I learn them, I seem to lose it. Even if I play it fluently enough, I rarely enjoy myself playing. When I listen to it, i like it, it's awesome, but when I play it, it's like meh, if you get my point. I just can't seem to enjoy it. Maybe I'm focusing on the playing itself too much, but even if I try to enjoy and listen when playing, It rarely comes out any better. It takes away a huge part of the happiness that playing an instrument gives. Am i the only one? I don't know what kind of advice you could give me, but if you can, please do it.
are you playing along with the song? it feels awesome being able to play along with a good song. when you just play the guitar part it will inevitably be more boring.

of course, you have to get good enough that you can keep up with the song and enjoy the music while you play.
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Yea that's true. The songs were meant to include the drums, bass, etc, playing without them can be a little dull. If you can play in a band, it's even more fun. When learning new songs that take time, your ears get used to them and they lose some of their flavor. But if you can mix it up and improv on it a bit, it feels more fresh. Bands hardly ever play their songs note for note live vs studio anyway.
tiss enjoyable to have a Little jam with some backing Music and your favourite guitar.....but it´s a blast doing it with a band.

...heres how I see it

1. playing on your own = masturbation...sure it´s fun but it tends to get lonely (even with a dvd on in the background)

2. jamming with a friend = sex...sweet...now you get too show your skills and mabye even learn something

3.playing in band = full on hot and sweaty orgie....sure technically you might not be at your best seeing theres a whole lotta people getting their groove on and it´s tough trying to combine many different rythms, skill levels and tastes...but damn when it finally comes together you´ll be in heaven

....and after doing #3 enough you start enjoying #1 again....nice too mix it up a Little ;-)
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I forgot to mention one thing. I play mostly fingerstyle, so these songs include bass, drums, harmonies and melodies at the same time, so it's not like I'm playing some lead riff in silence. But thanks for the feedback. Actually, I think playing along the original song may be really helpful! Thanks guys
I usually just imagine the rest of the band playing in the background when I play alone. I just kind of hear how it goes, not just the guitar part that I'm playing, because I know the song so well.

But yeah, do you play in a band? I really recommend it if you don't. IMO playing with other people is the meaning of playing an instrument.
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Personally, unless I am planning on playing with other people for a gig/show/performance, I hardly ever learn songs on my own. Maybe a riff here or there, or a lick from a solo, but rarely ever a full song. I get much more enjoyment from composing. Writing my own riffs, coming up with chord progressions, bass lines, melodies, counter-melodies, etc. Getting a looper pedal or recording yourself and then playing over yourself is fun to me. Not quite a whole band experience, but it's close.

As a fingerpicker, try finding some patterns that sound good to you that you can sing over, or play a lead over top of, or even a bassline below it. Or even guitar percussion ala Andy McKee and Jon Gomm.

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