Just wanted to ask any tech savvy people out there if they could help me with my T-Rex Fuel Tank. Basically I know nothing about how all this shit works with voltage and mA etc, I just plug in my pedals and play. Recently I invested in a load of new ones and got this Fuel Tank to support them but there are warnings all over the place about making sure voltage is correct in any pedals you insert into it, also something about a 'negative' being in the middle of the line on your pedal? Again, really blonde with this stuff....

The pedals I have are a few Boss ones like DD7 Delay, Chromatic Tuner, a Crybaby Wah, EH Holy Stain and Superego. would these pedals be ok with the fuel Tank? Or do some of them need to go into the 12v insert and some in the 9v ones?

Help would be greatly appreciated!
Disclaimer: follow this advice at your own risk

The EHX site is pretty confusing in the way it describes the power requirements (and I don't have any EHX pedals), but I *think* (as i said, do it at your own risk) they'd be ok with the 9V DC outputs on your fuel tank jr. It should be noted that EHX advises against doing that, but a lot of the time (not all) that's just to get you to use their adaptor or to have an excuse to void your warranty.

the boss pedals (i'm guessing it's a tu3?) and crybaby should also be fine into the 9V DC outputs. Again, do it at your own risk, or better yet wait until someone else who knows better than I do can corroborate what I've said.

The overall current draw with all those pedals will be getting close to the 500mA limit (around ~425mA if I calculated correctly), but should hopefully be OK.
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Tuner(which brand & model?) TU3- 85mA at high brightness mode
Crybaby(which model, 9V or 18V?) ~6-10mA
SuperEgo- 140mA
Holy Stain(considering its their digital multi offering)- assume 160mA
Total- ~446mA

Every pedal there except the crybaby, I know need 9V center negative supply. Look at the print near the dc jack input on the ehx pedals. There is a print saying 9V(-)+, that shows the polarity for the dc jack needed to power the pedal. Some pedals have a diode in them to protect against reversed polarity, but some don't. If there nothing printed on some pedals you may come across in the future, check the product manual or come ask here about it. Plug 9v pedals with correct polarity to the 9v outlets of the fuel tank. 12v requiring pedals goes to the 12v outlet. The fueltank has one 12vDC & one 12vAC, don't plug DC requiring pedals in the AC outlet & vice versa. I don't know what polarity the fueltank outlets are, check the manual or their website for more info

For more mA ratings of some ehx pedals check this link http://www.ehx.com/forums/viewthread/2867/
I have a EHX Holy Grail nano running off a boss daisy chain for about two years, no hassle with it
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