Hey Guys!!

I know I haven't been about the forum for a while, combination of finishing an album, preparing for a barista competition and working 6 and 7 day weeks have basically meant I'v had zero me time, and even coffee junkies have gotta sleep sometime right??

Anyways, a while ago my grandfather passed away, and although the probate is continuing to drag on, my grandma (bless her) basically decided that all the grand kids should have something now, as my brothers and cousin are jobless and looking to get set up...long story short(ish) I recently received a cheque for £1000
and rather than fritter it away, I wanted to save most of it, but also get something I'd keep forever, and have wanted for a long time...hence, after a bit of Gumtree searching and some bargaining, today is my not only my NBD but also a new pedal board aquisition day, and both are imo, a little bit special...

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For those who don't like peeking at FB, it's a brand new Squier Fender VI and a Line 6 DL-4 delay modeller... Posting the images this way was the only way to get them to fit.

I'm ridiculously happy with the bass, I've always wanted a low ender with a trem arm, and have wanted a Fender VI since I was 14 and saw Mark Hoppus play one live with Blink 182, plus, its a sunburst offset shortscale...totally nailed my weaknesses, and although I haven't got to grips with the DL-4 yet, combined, I think the two are gonna be very exciting!!

One very happy Skippy right now!
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It's rare to see a bass that looks so similar to a guitar... Happy new bass day, i'd like to try it, and see how it goes!
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Happy New Bass Day!

Man, everywhere is sold out of them at the moment. Re-stocks aren't seeming to be a thing for another few weeks. I REALLY want one.

I may just pay a bit more and get an Eastwood Sidejack VI

I see you have that DL4 next to it! I also have loopy ideas for a bass vi...
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