I'm mainly looking for the Effects, not really the amp modelling (it's a nice plus)

I'm going to be using it with a RG920QMZ Premium Ibanez and a Peavey 110 Envoy (45w)

I'd love to know which one would suit my style of playing more (Metal/Rock).

Please help me !
Budget? - Around 150€

Genres? - Metal/Rock

New or Used? - I've spotted a Zoom G7.1ut for 130€ and a Boss GT-8 for 180€. Both used and in mint condition.

Home or Gig? - Home and Gigging and some live concerts (nothing ultra big)

Closest City? - Lisbon

Current Gear? - ~Ibanez Premium RG920QMZ + Peavey Envoy 110 Solid State 45W
Zoom G3 - 148€ new
Zoom G3X(comes with expression pedal) -177€ new

Better user interface than the gt8 or older zoom g7. Better amp modelling as well. Fun looper. Consider the gt8 if you need too much control over effects live.
What i realy need is a beast distortion, and some basic effects, like a basic chorus, or a basic flanger, for some clean chords on our musics, like the intro's.

Having a wah wah would also be cool.
Having an expression pedal is a must for Wah Wah, I guess.

I can get the G7.1ut for around 120€, Is it that worser then GT 8?

On the review on UG, I found that the G7 has more pontuation and reviews then the GT 8...

Please help me choose.
So, now my music teacher told me to try and get a Boss ME-50 / ME-70, he says they are really good.

What do you guys think?

BOSS GT 8 vs ZOOM G7 vs BOSS ME-50/70
Too bad you ignored the Zoom G3X suggestion. And bumping your thread will get it closed.
Id totally sell you my G7.1ut but it sounds like you are not in US so shipping would be a bitch.