Hey guys I'm new to recording and want to get some gear for my band to use. At most im looking to spend about $250. I need something simple as for I have never used any of this equipment before. I want something i can set up a couple mics and hit record. I'm also not looking for anything specifically for great quality as for im in a grind band and sound quality isnt that important right now, we just need to get some songs recorded. Please any help would be appreciated.
Pawn Shop around here are loaded with audio interfaces. I picked up a Presonus 22VSL for $55.
Really depends what your planning on doing with the recording....if you just want a basic referens on your playing I´ve heard those zoom H4 stereo recording things are pretty decent....easy to work and ok sound. We have one sound Tech that will record live gigs from his mixerdesk and also with a zoom, put em together and you have a pretty sweet "live demo"...

if your rig is big enough than set-up like a gig and record via your mixer (after you´ve got the mix right) onto a laptop with cubase or some other DAW. Cubase isn´t really a press a button and go alternative but none of them really are.....it´s quite a headache if you don´t find it interesting.
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Go read the interfaces sticky in the recordings forum. Loads of suggestions there.
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