Hi guys, here are my solo songs demos, not the best mix for sure, i tried to the the best i could with my equipment, i'm quite happy overall, the only thing i'm not totally happy with are my vocals, sadly i'm learning to sing so i hope in two years or three i'll be able to sing better.
I hope you like it as much as me, thanks!

That guitar work at the beginning of jungled is juicy. Funky but mellow at the same time. Very cool, mixes well with the other guitars and the effects are cool.
Mars in my head sounds like an our lady peace song, and i dont think iv ever heards that before which is cool. The chorus is a cool switchup. Tighten it up a bit and itll be better.
Advice from a girl I think the distorted guitar in the intro is a mistake. Its good in the verse, but turn that clean guitar up. And maybe do some melodic fills in between tehe clean chords. And what I guess is the chorus? the part right before the second intro restarts. Veruy cool and I wanted to hear more of that. Overall I like this song a lot, intricate parts.

I respect ur songwriting. Its good and u have ur own style. The recordings aren't mixed well I dont think but u can go through and improve that. The voice hurts the recordings too, find a wayy to fix that. I cant really sing either but what I do is record the vocals twice with reverb. Fills out the sound a lot. try that.

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