Haven't used it in a while and I've made guitar my main focus...
Anyways, I'm selling my Bass rig. It's an Ibanez SR405 made in Korea, and an Orange Crush 35B amp.

I have had no trouble switching from a real Cajun swamp-pop style bass, all the way over to a heavy Tool, Nirvana, Primus, kind of bass sound. It's a very nice bass rig for a hobbyist or someone starting fresh that wants a good setup.

[forbidden link]

[forbidden link]

Cash talks, bulls**t walks.
If anyone is interested in making just a flat purchase via paypal alone, let me know. Price is negotiable if put together.

I realized the links aren't coming up.

The links were a forward to the eBay ad. If anyone is interested, PM me or comment and I'll forward you the ad.