Hello, people. So, I was listening to some music written, composed, etc. by Gustavo Santaolalla... ...And I just like, fell in love. But in more specific terms, the song "The Quarantine Zone". I heard this and basically lost my mind. It's clever. I try to play it, but I can only divide each part to where each part has to be played separately. It sounds awful that way. I can't figure out what drop, or low tuning he plays in. Some guy on Youtube covered it, but I have no idea what his acoustic is tuned to. SO, if anyone can find more detail about that song and what it is tuned to, I'd appreciate it. I can do the tabbing from there if nobody does. Anyway, check out his music. He did a track for "Broke Back Mountain" and it's called "Wings".

Ice On The Dune, everyone.
Dak, not sure if you're still out there. The tuning for The Quarantine Zone is tuned one whole step down, then Drop D. This means you'll tune the low E string down to sound like the D string. The exact tuning is C G C F A D from low to high. Hope this helps. Like you, I heard this tune and it was a mind-blow. Love it.