Hey everyone, I'm just starting with pedals, and I'm looking into either building my own board, or buying the POD HD500.

I don't have a whole lot of experience with pedals, so do you think the HD500 would be right for me?
The pod is great, but i think if you took that route it would only be a matter of time before you started buying 'real' pedals to substitute; your ear's curiosity would get the better of you and you would want to find out how pedals compare. The pod would definitely be a good place to start in terms of enjoying your playing and easy experimentation, to learn about different effects / ordering etc. Most people would agree that it is giggable too so there isn't much to lose going with the pod, as long as you realize that it is unlikely to be the end of your spending in terms of gear.
Not looking for the end, just looking for a good place to start. Thanks for the heads up.
I can't say how good the pod is or any other multi-fx processor as I'm currently looking into that for home practice myself. But I did own a pod XTL a few years back when I first started and although i didn't like it tone-wise it helped me become familiar with what effect does what and sounds like. It was a good learning experience.
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Not looking for the end, just looking for a good place to start. Thanks for the heads up.

Look into the line "M" series. It may be more of what you are after. If you are close to a guitar center go and try both the "M" series and HD. They HD has a ton of "M" class effects built into it, plus amp models and cab models.
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i own a POD HD Pro and ive had it for a couple of years, i use it for everything, live, studio guitar bass and vocals, its a really good unit so i am assuming the HD500 is very good. I actually use the amp settings on it too, for all my tones, itll get anything i want out of it
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The Pod HDs are great, and they're way more versatile than just as a pedalboard. I use my HD400 as an interface, as a preamp, and as a DI as well as an effects unit. Also useful for silent practice since the amp models are quite good.
I think it's a good starting point. I picked one up knowing I would eventually like to get a pedal setup but for now it lets me experiment with what types of pedals I would want for no extra cost and it had a lot of versatility. I currently am just a bedroom player and use the POD and headphones for practice as I don't really need an amp for that, and I don't have a good amp anyway lol).