I dont know a whole lot about different amps, guitar woods, effects, pickups, etc. Can anyone refer me to an article or site or something that can kind of explain the technology? I don't really want to go buy alot of gear without knowing what i'm doing and what i may need to improve my sound, so can someone help out?
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honestly google is your best friend. Ultimate Guitar (this one) is pretty good but google will allow you to formulate the question you want. I think you'll find a different website for each question

Go to google and type in the following questions to get an idea.

What is the difference between solid state and tube amplifiers?

How different do strats and les pauls sound?

Description of guitar tone woods?

Description of guitar effects

Vox AC30C2 User review (replace Vox AC30C2 with whatever product you want to learn about)

If you have a specific question that wasn't answered by typing it in google, make a post about it here. But there is a ton of stuff within easy reach.

Also you're right to look things up before buying anything. The guitar world (well the music world in general) is a bottomless money pit. Find out what you need before you even set foot in a store. Don't believe salespeople when they tell you that you absolutely need something
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there's a bunch of info in the stickies here
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Thanks guys, i've been checking this stuff out, now i have a general idea of how all of it works, still learning though, thanks again!