i can't tune my guitar's b string perfectly. I can tune the other strings perfectly with my tuner but no matter what i do, i cannot tune the b string perfectly. Should i get a new tuner? i don't understand why it is so hard to tune this string.
Low B?
If that's the case, you should try tuning it on the 12th fret harmonic. Some tuners seem to struggle with that sometimes.
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thanks for the advice. I am working on my string bending technique right now, and i want all my strings perfectly tuned so i can develop my ears properly.

I will try tuning it using the harmonic, hopefully it works out.
Also could possibly be a nut problem? Maybe you need to run a Bone nut like guthrie
My first guess before reading your post was you need to replace the string.
When you said you are working on your bending, I'm sure you've worn out your string.
The more finesse you develop over time, the less you'll need to replace your strings.
thanks everyone. I tried using the harmonic but it still isn't working. i think i need new strings.
How old are your strings?
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