The thing is, my friend invited me over to a gig which will take place in about 2 weeks, he needs a rhythm guitarist and I suck at rhythm guitar, people say I've developed a pretty good technique at lead guitar considering I've been playing for about 11 months.. And I can play some metal songs such as Paranoid, Iron Man, Crazy Train and Bark at the Moon (rhythm + solos), but those are alternate picked 16th note riffs (crazy train and batm) and I'm not as bad with 'em as I'm with mainstream rock music which this gig will be about. I've got no problem with positioning my fingers for the chords, but I cannot stick to one strumming pattern. My strumming is horrible and so is my aural skill... I cannot play one single song following a strumming pattern. The chord changes may be on beat but I can't stick to a strumming pattern to save my life.

The thing is, I really want to attend this gig, I LOVE playing in front of other people but I'm not as popular as he is to make a bar full with like 100 people. This is probably the only chance I've got to experience playing for other people. And even if I do get another one, it will be the same type of music which I'm not big fan of -> MAINSTREAM MODERN ROCK. Any advice, exercises are welcome. I'm ready to devote all my free time to improve myself.
if you know the strumming patterns, start from the beginning. if you have a metronome( if not, they are downloadable to a smartphone). just slow the pattern down until you nail it, and then slowly speed up keeping time with the metronome.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
If you're being asked to play rhythm, and you don't want to be the jerk that said yes and messed up their gig, then you need to man up, get off your butt and take that time to practice rhythm to the songs you'll be playing. Quit messing around online, and spend a few hours a day practicing those songs.
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So I did the gig 2 days ago, played only 3 songs and actually played leads on 2 of em. (Sweet Child O' Mine and gypsy song). I did rhythm on Phantom Planet's California. Didn't mess up...
So anyways, I was wondering if you could send me some lessons of basic songs with simple rhythm that include the strumming patterns? Thank you very much.
Why don't you go find them yourself. www. justinguitar.com might be a place to start. Cheers
youtube is filled with guitar tutorial songs that show you everything
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
Quote by stepchildusmc
youtube is filled with guitar tutorial songs that show you everything

I know but many of them won't show the strumming pattern or something.... Anyways, JustinGuitar will probably do it...