I'm at a loss. My bass player's wife has promoted herself from running our merch, to assigning me and the other band members with tasks, like "schedule a meeting with the graphic designer to talk about album art" and "print off set lists ahead of schedule." Naturally, the bass player is going along with this like it's great to have his wife help out. I see it as a conflict of interest. A wife coming into a management role in a band spells disaster to me.
1) if I get upset with something she screws up on, then I have her on my ass, and the bass player is pissed at me for pissing off his wife.
2) I call the bass player out on some shit he screwed up on, then manager wife is going to be pissed at me again
3) a manager needs to be an unbiased opinion. How can she be unbiased when her husband is in the band?
4) she has no experience managing bands. Her husband has played in a few bands before, but that doesn't make her manager material in my mind.

How do I confront my bass player and tell him I think his wife needs to back off before it goes any further without him thinking I'm a complete ass? It's not that I don't want her around. She's a great person and eager to help. But I feel like this is just a conflict of interest just waiting to blow up in the middle of our tour. I can just see myself getting the "how dare you think this of my wife" and handed a one way plane ticket back to Washington.
Just man up and talk to him if it's bothering you so much. Is his wife a bitch?

Or show him this thread
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Speak to the other members, see how they feel. If they agree it's a conflict of interest (which it is), then you'll all need to speak to him together. Then it's up to him to tell her to back off.
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who the **** still has managers?
"you are the wife of our bass player. Our bass player. Not our guitarist, or our vocalist. Our bass player. What makes you think you have any relevance, let alone authority here?"
🙈 🙉 🙊
What kind of question is this? You grow a spine and tell her hell to the no, given reasons one through four.

This does not make you an ass, it makes you a rational decision maker trying to make a good decision for the benefit of the band in the long run. If your bass player thinks you are an ass for it, that is his issue that he needs to get over. Not your issue.

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