I never really thought about this until recently. I wash my clothes once a week like most people. But if I exercise on a Monday, for example, I just leave my sweaty clothes with the other dirties until it's laundry time on Sunday. I do hang them away from the others, but still - that's almost a week of sitting there with dried sweat and stuff.

I thought about just rinsing them under the shower for a bit before hanging them, is that a good idea? What do you do?
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I put them in the wash straight away - I do several washes a week anyway with me and my partner to account for.
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If there's one thing I've learned in life, it's don't assume that how you do things is "like most people", especially with day to day activities like washing or general cleanliness.

I've heard people being extremely shocked by habits that were always of no consequence to me, and similarly habits other people take for granted have struck me as simply bizarre.

But anyway, on your point: if you're going to wash them anyway, them sitting there sweaty for a week shouldn't matter apart from if they stink. Just keep them in a covered basket or well ventilated area. Rinsing sounds good, but then you have to dry them which means leaving out half-washed dirty clothes.
Rinsing doesn't wash away the sweat plus you have to dry them as said before, so I think rinsing is quite useless. The only thing about waiting the whole week is that it stinks. If you don't smell it and the clothes then wash properly, it shouldn't be a problem.
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Mine don't smell like anything at all even though I sweat a lot.

If they're wet I hang them out to dry. When dry I put them in the laundry basket with everything else. I'm not digging around in there to re-wear anything anyway, why should I care if my used workout clothes touch my other used clothes?
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Or just wash them when you get home...

bit of a waste turning on the machine for one set of clothes, isn't it?
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Jesus Christ since when is the Pit a ****ing courtroom...

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Soap, water, done.
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I work out in my undershirt/t-shirt/vest I've been wearing the day and some loose pants. Gets washed with everything else. barely noticeable cause most of my under shirts are those quick drying anti sweating ones and my pants don't get that sweaty.

Worse one is the soaked shirt after a gig spent in a pit that is a mix of sweat, spit, beer and a touch of piss. I always dump that in the dirty bin and forget it and it is quite an unpleasant thing to smell come a wash time a few days later One time a shirt had disappeared under my bed for a week or so while shoved in a plastic bag and when I found it, mould was starting to growing a little. Thank goodness for 90.C washes.

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