Hey I'm looking at getting an overdrive pedal to put on the clean channel of my Marshall DSL 40c and wondering what would best suit me. I just want to be able to switch from the amp's clean channel to a good overdriven tone that isn't an all out gain assault (that's what the ultra gain channel on the amp is for). I mainly play punk rock and metal. Think the song "Watch The World" by Boxcar Racer.

I'd like to keep it under $100. Unfortunately the music stores here don't have sh*t so I can't try anything out really before buying it. I was looking at the Zakk Wylde OD pedal from MXR since I think that's the one Tom uses for his AVA stuff...

Anyways what do you guys and gals think I should look at?

BTW I'm playing a Gibson Les Paul through a Marshall DSL 40c w/no other pedals.

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I don't know bout metal, but I just picked up a Fulltone Fulldrive 2 and its pretty nice. I'm still getting to know it but it has some cool features and is extremely versatile for being simply a boost/od. I got mine used for $100.
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