I really like the sound of the Seymour Duncan JB although I find it a bit muddy. Is there a pickup that's similar but with more clarity and less mud?

I like the tone of the guitar in this video (the JB clips):

But it just sounds a bit muddy. Is there a pickup that can offer me this tone but with more clarity?
the distortion would kinda do that, but i'm guessing you've discounted it for some reason...

it really depends on how close you need it to be to the JB and also making it tighter will probably change the tone a bit, too.
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I know you're probably looking for passives, but I'm going to go ahead and recommend the EMG 81. I used JB's on every single one of my guitars for like 5 or 6 years but I always noticed that mud you're talking about. Got my first guitar with EMG's, and I've used nothing but since. They are amazing at everything, they excel in clarity, and especially cleans IMO. I actually prefer the clean tone of my EMG 60 over the single coils in my fender!
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I was actually looking into this myself. From what I hear is the bareknuckle holy diver is pretty much that. But take it with a grain of salt, because that's what I'm doing for the moment. Just what I gathered from research.
The BKP Holydiver is called by many to be all the good of a JB with none of the bad.
Less gain with the jb or maybe just work on a tighter playing style tighter strings or something. Also the emg 57 is supposed to be pretty damn good
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