I was wondering, does any company make a non-arch top'ed HH-Super Strat 6 String in Matte/Satin Black with a white binding going around the edge? Example of a Custom Shop guitar that has this style :Strictly 7's Ola Englund guitars. From my knowledge I think Ibanez made a guitar in this style one time, but I have not found it anywhere. I would go custom shop, but, my budget is nowhere near that kind of guitar

I was wondering, as I plan on buying a new guitar soon, and have it down to the ESP Edwards E-EX-110D, ESP LTD KH White Zombie (When it comes out), or what I asked about here.

Schecter SLS C-1 Blackjack I think is a flat top. Check it. I'm not 100% sure though.
The Godin Redline HB has the functional stats you want, is a hardtail, and comes in 3 finishes. It does not have binding.

I think the Fernandes Revolver is a flattop as well.
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Check out the Fernandes Revolver. They are pretty sick guitars.

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Unfortunately, I don't think anything currently on the market fits that description.
Well; I don't know if it is actually a bound body. It may be a natural wood "binding," but Carvin's Contour 66 sounds like it might be what you want:


There must be a hundred options for that guitar. Just pick what you want.
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price? carvin does with their neck through models, but you will most likely pay about 800+ for it.
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Quote by ikey_
price? carvin does with their neck through models, but you will most likely pay about 800+ for it.

My budget is around $1300 max, but I would really like for it to be less.