Short and sweet, about a year and a half ago I bought an '96 American Standard strat. Love it outside of two details, but one of those details - nickel instead of stainless steel for frets - isn't something I can afford to fix right now. The other is the bridge pickup.

It's better with the tone control rolled down, but I really want to get a bridge sound with more body and more midrange to it. Not a screaming humbucker - I prefer lower-output - but something that's still aggressive and trebly, but also fuller and warmer-sounding than a standard strat bridge pickup.

So, looking for suggestions. Preferably no more than $100, money's tight because US government shutdown. Any brand is acceptable as long as it's available in the US. Noise-canceling would be cool, but it's not a must. If it's a 'bucker, please make sure it's four-conductor so it can be split for the mid-bridge.

Cheers in advance for any suggestions

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SD Lil' 59 would be a boss choice I think. Got one in my Am. Std. Tele and its warm as hell, but keeps its bite and splits nicely too.