Gotta get new tubes in my Sound City 120. Getting EL34's. I can't decide between Tung Sol, Mullard, TAD EL34B-STR or Winged C's. Nothing vintage, don't have that kind of money. I tend to turn the amp as loud as it will go before breaking up, about 5, and then use fuzz/od/distortion to get my dirt sound. Very Melivins kind of style I play. I've heard nothing but great things about the Winged C's, but they are pricey...I am prepared to spend that though. Thoughts?
You can't go wrong with SED's, they are all I use in my Marshall
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Since Sound City amps were made by Dave Reeves, and thus could be considered "Proto-Hiwatts," you might consider recommendations from Hiwatt. This is from a popular Hiwatt Q&A Forum:

"Q. Which tubes should I use to re-tube my Hiwatt.

A. The best ones you can afford. :-) Ask ten people and get eight different answers. The OEM tubes installed at the factory were made by the original Mullard or Gold Lion companies. Unfortunately, the tubes being manufactured in Russia using these names now are not of the same quality or specification. The original tubes have gotten incredibly expensive and difficult to find on the NOS market. For power tubes we like the older SED =C= "flying C" EL34s or NOS Phillips/ECG 6CA7s. For preamp tubes, we still like NOS best, but the new "Tung-Sol" branded 12AX7s made by EH are getting good reviews."
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SED win hands down of the ones you listed.
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