Hi all, so I have got it in my head to buy a Taylor guitar but thing is I cant decide if one is worth the extra wait and money. The two choices are :

Taylor 114-L or the Taylor 214
the difference is best I can tell in the tone woods.
what say you Taylor experienced players?
the 114 seems to be more popular with some, i myself prefer the 214ce you are getting it with or without electronics? since they are both laminate guitars the lam process is identical on both so tonewoods don't really come into play. Bob hisself stated that he can't hear the difference between the lam woods. the top on the 214 is generally better spruce. better neck and tuners. the tuners are both labelled Taylor but the 214 uses Pings and the 114 Grovers i believe. given the choice of the 2, I'd take the GS mini...oops that wasn't a choice was it? the 214 would be my second choice after the mini.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
what is the differences in the gs mini?
I really have no experience with Taylor guitars but they seem to make lefty guitars as more than an afterthought.
Most manufactures only offer extremely limited or no choices in lefty guitars.
the GS mini has a larger body shape, it's actually smaller. kind of a travel guitar. but it's sonic imprint is much larger than it's size.
you don't have access to these guitars? buying online? that's a big chunk of change to spend on something that you dont know about. at least Taylors build quality is very consistant.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
I have no experience of the 114 but do own a Taylor DDX which is basically a tarted up 214ce. I think it's an awesome guitar with great tone. That said I don't think you could go wrong with any Taylor guitar to be honest! All the one's I've seen are very well made with attention to detail.

I took ages before deciding on the DDX trying about 25-30 different makes and models of guitars in different shops before purchasing. Yes you could get solid wood for cheaper that's true and Taylor's don't come cheap! But their laminates are still fantastic in my opinion. I'm a picker rather than a strummer so that's why I got the DDX.

Let your ears decide!