Hi guys, I made a trade with a guy for a little Fender Champ the other day and I had mentioned to him I was in the market for a new acoustic and he had mentioned he had a pre-Fender Tacoma he was looking to get rid of. The guitar has the typical finish bubbling and separating that I've heard of, but I'm really not put off by it, as I enjoy wood working and it could be a fun project to refinish it in an oil rub...

I already played the guitar when I went to trade for the Champ and thought it sounded and played very well, especially considering the price he's offering it at is next to nothing nothing and I have some things he'd be willing to trade straight-up for... so I really have nothing to lose. The only issue is, he's not sure on the model of it. He said it's either a DR-14 or a DR-28, but since Tacoma is no longer in business, finding info on any of their models seems to be pretty hard... The pictures I could find of both of these models look very similar, so I honestly have no idea. He said the sticker that was inside the body seems to have fallen off, and the one that remains towards the front, where the neck attaches, doesn't give any useful information. Here's a few pictures:

I mean, unless the model it is was known to be a piece of crap, I intend on picking it up, anyway. The trade is really of little to no risk to me, and it looked to be in very good shape (aside from the obvious issue of the clear coat falling off :rotflmao ), plus it comes with the hardshell case, too.

Thanks, guys!
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ah yes the bubbling. I thought it was from living in Thailand. I have a Tacoma jumbo that has done that in spades. Bothered me for a bit, but now I don't care at all. Might even improve the tone with less plastic to damp the sound. Piano like tones, love the guitar. I'd go for it, warts and all.