Okay so i got some schaller locking tuners for my guitar... they're the ones that don't have the screw but instead have the two little poles that slide into the headstock and hold together like that with the added pressure from tightening the nut.. i got them cause my old guitar tuners are like that also.... no screw just the 2 holes... problem is that the poles on the new tuners aren't matching up with the holes.. they're about 3 millimeters off... i dont know if you can see it properly though


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Sooo, whats the question?
Obviously there is only 1 thing you can do. You have to fill the old holes and drill new ones.

how would i do this though?
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you can buy conversion bushings to make them fit, they're like $7 +shipping at guitarfetish

thats not what i was referring to.
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how would i get them to fit? i know i gotta drill but i dont wanna **** it up

well, they aren't gonna fit without you drilling new holes! try returning them and getting ones that actually fit your guitar!
Just drill new holes.

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Mine came with a little cardboard template that I used to mark the holes. If yours is missing, I'm sure you can make yourself a template using heavy paper.
I would find some wood dowels to glue inside the old holes. Whether this would entail a tooth pick, matchsticks, or whatever the smallest dowels you can pick up at a hardware store.. you might end up reaming out the old holes to glue in the dowels. Then drill new holes after glue dries and you sanded everything flush.

You should be able to push hard enough to make a impression into the wood where you need to drill your holes.

If you don't have enough meat to just go ahead and simply drill new holes that is..
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