Hey all! I asked about this once before, a long while ago actually. I just have 0 ideas as to how to search/find something like what I want. Hopefully one of you guys knows better than I.

What I would like to find is someone/some service that is able to set up a virtual machine on their computer/server running windows or OSX and the Splashtop Streamer. This would let me stream lectures from my classes to my tablet/phone/potato etc.

I have it running right now on my parents computer back in Minnesota, but I never figured out how to run it on a virtual machine. So whenever I log in, I take over the whole system. Plus, their computer is pretty slow and this taxes the system badly.

Anyone heard of a setup like this? Are there any companies that do this? Anyone interested in giving it a shot? I could pay a bit, but I am entirely on student loans.

I appreciate any input, thanks pit!

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