There's nothing that'll ruin your drink quite like a sad song.
Who do those singers think they are anyway?
How dare they take me back to a place some time ago,
When I still had faith
in God,
in love,
in life,
Can't they see I'm drinking here?

I saw my teenage self in the mirror today,
he was cackling away
about some pussy he didn't know what to do with the night before.
That bastard.
I'd like to teach him a thing or two,
but I bet he'd say the same about me.
Him all young and naive,
I'll bet he can't even drink his whiskey straight yet,
how pathetic.
And me, all wise and middle-aged-way-too-fucking-early,
He thinks I didn't turn out to be too much,
well if that's what he thinks he can go fuck himself,
or better yet,
why doesn't he just call it a day and hang himself in this damn bathroom,
I'd help him,
but I've got bills to pay.
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