Hi everyone. I'm looking for an amp to replace my Blackstar HT-5C. My musical tastes have evolved over the last few years: I started listening way too much post-rock. Now I need beautiful clean sounds, and the Blackstar isn't very good at that.

I am very interested by the Laney Cub12. I like the two inputs (1W & 15W), and the clean sounds seem to be great. I spotted one in a shop yesterday, so I'll go try it out this week-end.
The thing is that I really love the Blackstar's dirty channel. So I was wondering if I could get the same kind of dirty sound by plugging a Blackstar HT-Dual pedal into the Cub12. I'm also interested by this pedal because of the two channels, so I could get a nice overdriven sound as well.
Apart from the HT-Dual, what pedal would you recommend in a similar style to go along the Cub12? I'd like a heavy, grungy tone (think early Silverchair). Besides, if you know a tube amp that would fulfil all my requirements (switchable wattage so that I can play at home, beautiful clean sounds, pedal friendly), I'd like to know.
You would most probably not get the same sound with the Laney + pedal.

Why not keep the Blackstar and use it on the drive channel exclusively, and get another amp just for the cleans (Fender Super Champ comes to mind)?
Dear God, do you actually answer prayers?

Yes, but only in a way indistinguishable from random luck or the result of your own efforts.