Hye guys looking for pickup choices on a fairly cheap guitar I picked up recently. The guitar is a DeArmond SG It's not the nicest or best guitar so I didn't want to make this my Phil X SG body single P-90 guitar. So I'm thinking something more rock oriented like Iomi/ Angus Young range don't need super high output or anything and Looking to go moderate priced. Try something different perhaps GFS, Entwistle, whatever or used DiMarzio/SD's for the neck want something warm and will handle crunch and cleans well possibly ceramic in the neck for magnet and then for the bridge something with some bite that will handle crunch and gain for rock, can go Alnico or Ceramic magnets here I'm open. I bought the guitar used for 50 which is somewhat a steal since it's in good condition. Though I don't want to drop more than 100 after tax into the pups. Thanks in advance all.
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