Picked this up recently after making a thread about which 6 string I should buy.

Came across this on ebay and put a deposit down with the owned straight away.

I just paid the rest and it came today. Only have a couple of photos so far. The bridge needs setup and it could use a little bit of a clean. Overall though it's pretty much mint apart from one tiny scratch on the back that I don't really care about.

The quilted maple finish is amazing.

I've got to say, the neck is fantastic, just how I remember how good the ibanez prestige necks can be. Though it's not the thinnest neck ever, it's definitely up to par with what I'd expect from a prestige.

The stock pickups actually sound not bad. However I'll probably replace them in the near future with something I'm more accustomed to sound wise. I'm conflicted as to weather I should get some white faced pickups and if that would compliment or contrast with the guitar.

http://ibanez.wikia.com/wiki/RG2620QM Here's some more info on the model, it only ran for a year.

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HNGD! Make sure you get that tremolo set up! Springs need loosening, about 3/4 of a turn on each screw should do it.
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yeah those stock dimarzio/ibz pickups aren't bad if you like that distortion style of pickup.

dunno about white, though. they may match the binding, or they may look horrible. I'd do some mockups in paint or something like that.
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