Not sure what style to classify this under, but oh well.

This song is rather simple in structure compared to most of my music, focusing instead on setting a groove and atmosphere and exploring dissonance, especially using dissonance to express emotional distress; The central theme revolving around a man questioning his own perception and how deluded and biased our beliefs and experiences can be.

I'm curious as usual to see what people enjoy and don't so much enjoy about the piece, especially since this one has some sections that can be considered, rather harsh on initial listen.

And to avoid the running joke, I'm also absolutely certain EVERYTHING IS PLAYABEL LULZ since I actually wrote this one on my guitar.
Post-Decision Dissonance Latest.gp5
this was pretty cool. not nearly as dissonant as i expected it to be, and to me everything sounds like it works. some good riffs, the little tribalish break with the rhodes was pretty cool. the last riff was a nice closer before the fade-out.
Ha-ha, it was a bit dissonant, but despite that it actually sounds pretty melodic. It's hard to name its style or genre, but yeah, it's experimental, and in a good way.
The variation in dissonance was really great. Usually when I'm told to expect dissonance it's the same tritones and flattened note harmonies. I haven't heard probably anything like this but I thought it seemed pretty solid and well-done. I could imagine vocals over it the whole time. Any part that seemed like it was getting too experimental for me quickly redeemed itself
Hm.. where's the dissonance? I think I might be tone deaf, since it didn't really sound dissonant to me.
Oh, and I did enjoyed it. Good work!
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Holy shit nemesis, that was depressing.
Mission accomplished!
Well, seeing it's you, I had my expectations set both high and low.
High, because I know you to be an excellent composer, and low, because your pieces usually alianate me within one minute (due to differences in taste, music wise).

However, this is really enjoyable. I am no stranger to dissonance, usually preferring it to harmony, and when it's put in restraints, if you will, as you've done here - it's just well done.
A recurring rhythmic theme keeps it's constrained to somewhat of a shape, meaning the melodies are given more space to entertain and fascinate - and I think it suits your style.

Also; it's not THAT dissonant. Or, well, it is, but it's so efficiently used it almost becomes a harmony.

I enjoyed it, through and through.

Honestly, I can't possibly see any criticisms being made here. This was all flawless, and the section labelled BM riff is the best thing ever.