hello, i'm new here

now i published my first tab, sirens of pearl jam
this is for whole mike guitar part

i have whole stone guitar part too in another tab, but this is the question..

how i have to submit this tab?
with the same Song title "sirens"?
or may i try "sirens by stone"?

because before was accepted the first tab i submit the other with the same title and it was enterely replaced by the last.

I hope that you understand the question

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I'm not too sure I understand your question right, but are you asking how you would go about including another guitar? If so, label the lead guitar 'Guitar 1:' and the rhythm guitar 'Guitar 2:' If there's a time in the song where they both play the same thing together, I just label it 'Guitar 1/2:'

Most tabs include both, so definitely take note on this. Also, try to keep them in order by what the lead is playing. And it makes it easier to read if you divide the song into sections, such as Intro, Verse, Chorus, etc.

If you need an example, you can use one of my tabs: http://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/h/hit_the_lights/breathe_in_tab.htm
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ok... i think the best way i edit the original post that is accepted and published including the other guitar at the end.

in my blog http://boyaguitarra.blogspot.com/ i have two differents posts for every guitar:



i think in the UG i can't do in different posts the two guitars, with the same title.