Ok , so basically here's whats hapenning, i'm making my own cables. hot to tip, shield to sleeve,good amount of solder etc, heat shrink round it when i'm done, clamp and put connector covering on.

Ok so, putting it into an amp and playing for an hour is perfectly fine, sounds perfect, however, if i like bend the cable near the connector whilst playing, ( at literally 90 degrees ) otherwise fine, i get a TEEEET from the amp ( Static i suppose ) , now i know no one does that to a cable, but i want to know why it's hapenning as i'm having the same issue from most cables i make . So yeah, what did i do wrong?

p.s , Van damme cable , neutrik connectors.
I have absolutely no idea what you are trying to get across other than you're having problems with the cables you made yourself. Try resoldering the connections, might be some cold joints.
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Well on both sides of the cable the same exact issue, maybe i'm doing something specifically wrong ? Doesn't seem co-incidental

A cold solder should kill the sound , not give an annoying " TEET "
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A cold solder joint can also cause intermittent connections, giving you intermittent sound, particularly when stressed. Cold solder joints can do all sorts of odd things to a signal, not just kill it, depending on the circuit.
Considering its a cable though, a dead/intermittent signal is the most likely result.

Lets see some CLEAR (NOT BLURRY) pics of your solder joints.

Also try it with some other cable brand, Doesn't matter what kind, and see if it exhibits the same behavior.
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