Ok we'll I'd like to start a project guitar. I'm not worrying about electronics or hardware yet. If you're familiar with James hetfields Flying V with the flames on it I'd like to do something similar. I want to make that same guitar design but the flames would be clear acrylic chamber kind of things inside the body I guess that would be filled with liquid (maybe) I'm not too worried about the liquid because I'm sure that would be a little more difficult do. My thoughts were to build a 'front part' of the guitar and have the flames edging routed out so there is a lip and do the same on a 'back part' then mold acrylic to the flame shape and put it all together. So any tips, ideas, help, etc is appreciated
Maybe if you inlayed the flames it would be easier? otherwise your going to struggle trying to hide the electronics and stuff. But if your dead set on having cavities then you could just make it in several layers, I've done this before and it worked great, only thing is with such big holes you would have to be careful to keep it structurally sound. As for the liquid thing, if you could get access to a vacuum forming machine you could easily make a plastic insert, otherwise you're gonna struggle to stop the liquid seeping in to stuff also liquid could give you some massive problems with the sounds getting absorbed in weird ways. -unless you want to experiment with that. Good luck, make sure you know 100% what you're doing before you start.