I recently installed some D Activators into my Ibanez RG32 and my RG7620 (7 string model) and I have them setup for just a single volume, but the volume isn't working right. It basically just stays at 100% all of the time. I'd like to be able to use the volume knob like any other guitarist would. Will I need to install a tone knob into it too?
it seems you either wired your pot wrong or messed up you rpot somehow
and no you dont need a tone knob fo rth evolume to work

ca you upload a picture or tell us how you wired it?
i just recently installed an x2n in my jackson and had the same thing happen, it had turned out that i wired my pot wrong

for example, in my case there are 3 tabs coming out of the pot for possible connections, with mine in particular, i had to bend one of those and solder it to the back of the pot to ground it out and then it became a volume instead of a tone

however, i am by no means an expert and am completely unaware of whether or not different brands of pots wire up differently than each other

hopefully someone more experienced can expand on this