If I were to put a set of .60 strings (probably a 7 string set) on my schecter omen extreme 6 (25.5" scale), could I do it straight away or would the thickness of the strings mean I need to cut the nut slightly to fit it?
I need the thick strings as i'm gonna be putting the guitar in drop B


edit: I should also mention that I currently have a set of 0.56s on it at the moment, and I find its too flubby and not the easiest to play because of this.
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I would put the strings on first and see if I would need to cut it, I don't have any experience with that.
You should not have to cut the depth of the nut
But you might have to cut the width of the nut
Because of the larger diameter string it may cause the string
to bind in the nut, which will give you a hard time
keeping it in tune, the string needs to move smothley
threw the nut, so when you do bends or have a trem
the string doesn't bind and returns back to its
correct tension and stay in tune
You may not have to cut, just lube enough that it'll fit. Just take pencil lead and put a good coat inside the slots.
I use a set of 12-60's on my C-1 for Drop B/A# and find the .60 to be fine and I like good tension on the low strings. There wasn't a huge difference from the .56 I was using but it was noticeable. Also I didn't have to do anything to the nut on mine when I switched to these.