My desire for second Strat, after winning my American Special at a guitar competition this summer, has me thinking about heavily modding a Squier Affinity Strat that was my first electric about 10 years ago. It's been sitting around unused for years.

Here's a shortlist of what I'd be looking to do:
- New neck and tuning machines (probably locking)
- New Bridge
- New pickups + probably new pots (and maybe the Greasebucket tone circuit since I really love it on my American Special, but this depends on the bridge pickup I get.)

I'll be trying to keep costs minimal for this, so I'm looking into the Mighty Mite necks I see on MF and GFS pickups, which I've heard good word-of-mouth about in addition to good reviews online.

The hang-up for me is the Affinity Strat body. It's in very good condition, but I mentioned this idea to a guitar tech a few weeks ago and his opinion was that it might not be worth the mod because the Affinity Series bodies can be very hit or miss quality wise. I know the body on the Squier isn't going to be the quality of an American made Fender, but IMO I should be able to get a good finished product as long as the body is decent, right?

If any of you have experience modding Squier bodies, I'd like to know what you though about the quality of the finished product and if the body does a suitable job.

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You can get a good finished product if the body is decent, but often there's no way of knowing if the body is decent beforehand. If the guitar already sounds really good to you, it's probably all right. But if it doesn't sound great, it's hard to know if that's because it's the body sucks.

The Affinity strats I've tried have not been worth modding in my opinion. They're great beginner guitars, but even if you keep it cheap you're going to end up spending more than the guitar is worth once you've got a neck, pickups, and locking tuners accounted for.

Lots of people mod squiers and end up with a perfectly good backup guitar, but a lot of people do the same and end up just paying a bunch of money and still have a guitar that doesn't sound or feel any good. I'd say, leave the neck alone. Get it set up to be as playable as possible, get some new pickups to get it sounding decent, and be done. I would not spend a bunch of money replacing half the guitar. The pickups will give you the most improvement for the money, and it's probably not worth spending much more than that on a guitar if you've already got a great MIA strat to work with.
I replaced the bridge pickup and my squier sounds great, got a hot rail in it and had it grounded to eliminate pickup buzz and its a great little guitar. I mustve got a "good" one because it sounds great, not tinny at all
I concur with roc, I blocked the trem, got a set of GFS lil' killers, and polished/set up my squier starcaster and honestly it made it a whole new guitar. or at least made it noticeably better
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What year is your strat? first two digits of the serial number I believe. I am under the impression they're alder, and if yours is then you're already a leg up. I got extremely lucky with a 2001 squier Strat, I'm not sure wether it was an affinity or not but it has the larger 70's style headstock on it. The neck is flame maple with a ridiculously cool grain on the rosewwod fingerboard. I bought it for $86 and I've put another $600 into it. It sounds ridiculous, but it plays as well if not better than my good friends 2003 American Deluxe Fat Strat. He admits it. It was always a fast neck and had perfect action, it was worth it so I went for it. Basically what I'm saying is, if the action/playability feels good in your hands, if it's made of good woods, and very nice upgradable parts are available, then why not? sure I have an $686 Squier Strat, but it is comprised of every availble american replacement part, that I hand picked down to the pots wiring tuners bridge pickups hardware and an awesome hand painted finish that I designed myself.

If you have the right guitar GO FOR IT!