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So i play rock, blues, 80's metal stuff and i want to learn how to play fast, not Zakk Wylde fast but fast, the way i see it is there's 2 ways to go about it ( i don't know if they work or not) there's number 1. which is what i'm currently doing, just learning fast solos and over time building them up to speed or number 2. practicing playing fast using particular patterns to build speed, which works? or is it another option? I've only been playing for a year, if that helps

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They both work as long as you're making sure your technique is good at all points along the way. I prefer the learning solos method personally though, it means you end up with context and a piece to play at the end of it.

The key thing though is to make sure that you're not just parroting the licks when you play; make sure you understand the theory and why they work as you're doing it. Without understanding the bigger picture you won't become a real musician.
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The standard for learning any physical activity is the same... You start out doing it slow and in good form, to get the "muscle memory" pathways established in your brain, then you increase speed gradually.
Do it right first, then increase speed.
I'd say a bit of both. Learning good solos is good because it means you're learning something musical, but at the same time, a few directed, strategic exercises (as long as you don't obsess over them and realise that they're exercises, not music) can really improve certain aspects of your speed in the most efficient way possible...
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Learn to play efficienty and accurate and that ll make you play fast in the long run....if you heard the saying speed is the byproduct of accuracy you are on the right track..forget advices of the style"its sloppy but push it a bit more and dont worry,it ll clean up over time".Give your nervous system perfect repetitions(play as fast as you can without mistakes) and before long the speed ll be there when you need it .