I have a Mooer Shimverb and I like the sound but I don't like how the level knob works. I understand it's a mix knob and that's how a lot of reverbs work, but it isn't for me. I'd prefer 100% of my dry signal to come through when I'm using it. Even on the subtlest settings, you can just tell something's "missing" from the dry signal. It probably isn't even noticable for people listening, but it really bothers me.

The Digidelay has stereo outs, so I thought maybe this would work. Take output1 from the digidelay and run it into the shimverb. Then use a Y-cable to connect to both output2 on the digidelay and the output on Shimverb. Then run the other end of the Y-cable to the amp/next pedal. I'm just not sure if this would work how I'm thinking it would.


I hope that made sense.
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